ICAO SAR Seminar & Search and Rescue Exercise (SAREX)
28 - 31 October 2008






28 OCT (TUE)

0915 - 1230 LT

ICAO SAR Provisions & APANPIRG SAR Matters Rm 5608, Two International Finance Centre, 8 Finance Street, Central, Hong Kong




1345 – 1730 LT


29 OCT (WED)

0915 - 1215 LT


1215 - 1300 LT

Short Range Exercise Briefing

1330 - 1400 LT

Short Range Exercise Tung O Wan, Lamma Island, Hong Kong

30 OCT (THU)





0900 - 0930 LT

Aircrew Briefing

Rm 629, Rescue Coordination Centre, Hong Kong International Airport

0930 – 1015 LT

Long Range Exercise Briefing Rm 408 & 443, Air Traffic Control Complex, Hong Kong International Airport

1000 – 1500 LT

Long Range Exercise (For Participants)

Rm 629, Rescue Coordination Centre, Hong Kong International Airport

1015 – 1130 LT

Visit Airport Fire Contingent ( For Observers )

Airport Main Fire Station & West Sea Rescue Berth, Hong Kong International Airport

1330 – 1500 LT

Visit Air Traffic Control Units( For Observers ) Air Traffic Control Centre & Tower, Hong Kong International Airport

1500 – 1530 LT

Debriefing of Long Range Exercise

Rm 629, Rescue Coordination Centre, Hong Kong International Airport

31 OCT (FRI)

1000 -1200 LT

Review Meeting (To be attended by Search And Rescue Unit only)

Conference Room, CAD Headquarters, Admiralty, Hong Kong

1) Introduction

Hong Kong Civil Aviation Department organises regular Search and Rescue Exercises (SAREX) in accordance with the recommendation in ICAO Annex 12.  For 2008, the SAREX was held from 29 to 31 October.  The exercise consisted of 2 parts, the long-range search exercise and the short-range sea rescue exercise.

2) Purpose of the Exercise

The purpose of the exercise was to enhance the co-operation and co-ordination among the SAR Units, and to provide an opportunity for discussion of SAR techniques.

3) Long Range Search Exercise


  • On 29 OCT 2008, at 1755 LT HK GFS AS32 helicopter took off to drop the simulated target in orange colour (five tyres in club shape) at 50 NM southeast of Cheung Chau Island (21°30’N 114°24’E). [Free float of target]
  • The exercise started at 1000LT on 30 OCT 2008. CAD activated the Rescue Co-ordination Center (RCC). GFS and International SAR units deployed aircraft to carry out search operation.
  • HK GFS  JS41 was the on scene commander.


The communication language between aircraft and RCC was English (on 123.1 MHZ primary and 3023kHz secondary).


  • HK GFS provided one AS32 helicopter and one JS41 fixed wing aircraft
  • International SAR units (United States Coast Guard and United States Air Force) provided 1 Hercules C130 and 1 Pave hawk HH60. 

4) Short Range Sea Rescue Exercise

The short-range exercise was carried out on 29 October 2008 between 1400 LT and 1730 LT in Tung O Wan, Lamma Island.
An aircraft crashed in Hong Kong waters. The Control Tower at CLK alerted the SAR Units and initiates the sea rescue operation.
The main participating Hong Kong Government Departments were:

  • Civil Aviation Department
  • Government Flying Service
  • Hong Kong Police Force (Marine Region)
  • Fire Services Department 
  • Marine Department
  • Civil Aid Service
  • Auxiliary Medical Service

Additionally, the following organisations were also invited to participate:

  • People's Liberation Army (PLA) Hong Kong Garrison
  • Maritime Safety Administration (MSA) - People's Republic of China

Distribution of workload was as follows:

Civil Aviation Department –-
- overall co-ordinator of the exercise.
- provide 1 simulated aircraft wreckage

People's Liberation Army (PLA) Hong Kong Garrison –
- provide 2 naval vessels, 2 Z9 helicopters
- 1 simulated survivor (with life jacket)

Maritime Safety Administration (MSA) - People's Republic of China –
- provide 1 MSA vessel (MSA 31) and 1 S76 helicopter
- 1 simulated survivor (with life jacket)

Government Flying Service –
- provide 1 AS32 helicopter and 1 JS41 aircraft
- provide 1 life raft
- 1 simulated survivor (with life jacket)
- provide 1 radio
- provide 8 inert smokes
- provide 1 set of dummy with stretcher  

- Hong Kong Police Force (Marine Region) –
- provide 2 police launches to take part in the exercise
- provide launches to control the marine traffic in the scene
- provide logistic support to the life raft and survivors
- provide 1 police launch for the observers

Fires Service Department –
- provide 3 fire boats (Elite, DV1 & DV2)
- provide firemen and divers to rescue the survivors in the life raft
- provide safety protection to the participants

Marine Department –
- provide 2 vessels to transport the observers and media
- issue navigational warnings to mariners

Civil Aid Service –
- provide 4 simulated survivors (with life jackets)

Auxiliary Medical Service –
- provide first aid service to the observer and media boats

5) Exercise Review Meeting (31 October 2008)

All representatives of SAREX units attended the meeting from 1000 to 1200 LT at CAD headquarters. Presentation of mementoes to SAREX units carried out after the meeting.


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