Search and Rescue Exercise (SAREX)
15 December 2015






8/12/2015 (Tue)

1500 – 1730 LT

Exercise briefing to PLA Air force and Navy & GFS


PLA Office

15/12/2015 (Tue)

0900 - 0930 LT

Briefing to aircrew of long range SAREX.


Rescue Coordination Centre at CAD Headquarter






1130 – 1300 LT

Long Range exercise (participants)

Rescue Coordination Centre at CAD Headquarter


1630 -1830 LT

Debriefing of long range exercise and review meeting


Rescue Coordination Centre at CAD Headquarter

1) Introduction

Hong Kong CAD organizes regular Search and Rescue Exercise (SAREX) in accordance with the recommendation in ICAO Annex 12. For 2015, the long range SAREX was held on 15 December.

2) Purpose of the SAREX

The purpose of the exercise was to enhance the co-operation and co-ordination among the SAR Units and to provide an opportunity for discussion of SAR techniques.

3) Long Range Search and Rescue Exercise


  • On 15 December 2016 at 0630LT, an arriving passenger aircraft (a B737), after entering HK FIR, disappeared from the radar screen at about 50 NM east of Hong Kong International Airport.
  • The exercise started at 1130 LT on 15 December 2016. CAD activated the RCC. GFS, PLA HK Garrison and Nanhai Rescue Bureau of Ministry of Transport, PRC were informed and aircraft/vessels from respective organizations were deployed to scene to carry out search and rescue operations.
  • HK GFS fix-wing aircraft Jetstream (JS41) was the on-scene coordinator


  • The communication language between aircraft/vessels and RCC was English
  • VHF 123.1MHz (primary) and 121.0MHz (secondary)
  • HF 3023kHz (primary) and 8942 kHz (secondary)
  • Other available HF 5655kHz and 13309kHz

SAR Units

  • CAD RCC was the overall command and coordinator of the exercise, and provided a search target to simulate aircraft wreckage
  • HK GFS provided one Jetstream JS41 fix-wing aircraft and one Super Puma AS332 L2 helicopter
  • PLA HK Garrison provided one naval vessel (导护艇), one Z-8 and one Z-9 helicopter
  • Nanhai Rescue Bureau of the Ministry of Transport provided one vessel "Nanhai Rescue 101"

4) Exercise Review Meeting

All representatives and participants of SAREX units attended the review meeting from 1630 to 1830 LT in RCC briefing room at CAD Headquarter.

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